Providing Well Trained Punjabi & Darjeeling Helpers to Families in Singapore.

We provide Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) from many Ministry of Manpower (MOM) approved countries but we specialize in Punjabi and Darjeeling Foreign Domestic Worker.

Highly Experienced Maid Agency

We have found that it helps to meet everyone’s expectations better if foreign domestic workers are partially trained before they leave their home country. That ensures that there are no surprises when the helper is here in Singapore after we have all invested so much of our time and money into the process.

We handle the full process from A to Z and are there for you every step of the way.

Types of Foreign Domestic Workers


A new FDW would be a fresh helper who has never worked in Singapore before. She would require training and familiarization to her work environment in your home.

Transfer FDW

A transfer helper would be one that is currently on contract with another family but is transferring to another family. Many times, such helpers are already trained and settled with life with families in Singapore. Such helpers can be easier for some families.

Ex-Singapore FDW

This type of helper has previously worked in Singapore and has experience and can be re-trained fast to bring her up to current training standards.

Boarding of Maid

We have access to female-only boarding hostels where we can board your helper before of after her employment with you. At times, when families go for a vacation or need to ravel for work, helpers may be sent to boarding hostels so that they are not left alone in your home. Depending on circumstances, you may choose to let your helper stay at your home or at a boarding hostel.

Settling In Programme (SIP)

MOM requires all first time foreign domestic workers to attend a Settling In Program (SIP) within the first 3 days of their arrival in Singapore. This helps to ensure the helper has the required safety and legal information to work in Singapore.

Train New or Current Maid (FDW)

  • Reinforcement Training
  • On-Site Training


Medical Checkups

We pick up, bring your maid to the doctor’s clinic for her test, and drop her back so that you don’t have to do all the work which at times can take at least half a day.

Insurance Coverage

We work with a wide variety of insurance companies to ensure we get the best quote for you. The insurance policy and terms are explained clearly to you so that you know what is covered and there are no surprises just in case you need to make a claim.

Work Permit Processing

Most work permit processing is done online and we are authorize by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to process Work Permits Online using the WPOL system.

Passport Renewal

We are able to easily make appointments to get your domestic helpers passport renewal done for your.

Repatriation of Maid

From arranging of airline tickets, to drop off at the airport, we can handle it all for you. Boarding of maid is also available before she is repatriated.